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Compostela Campers

Compostela Campers is a tourism company specialising in personalised holiday experiences in which transport and accommodation are blended into one.

For the team at Compostela Campers, freedom and nature go hand in hand. For this reason, our main goal is to satisfy the desire for adventure in all those who put their trust in us. To do this, we have a huge fleet of state-of-the-art camping vehicles so you that you can make your camping holiday dreams come true.

Galicia, an Atlantic paradise of pristine beauty, is our chosen territory. Santiago de Compostela, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the beginning and end of the first Cultural Routes named by the Council of Europe, is our main operational base. We also operate out of A Coruña, the Northern capital, as well as Vigo, the Southern capital.

If you’re looking for an adventure tailor-made just for you, Compostela Campers is the best place to start.

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