A Coruña

Capital of the north

43°22'00"N 8°23'00"W
Minimum altitude: 0, maximum: 291
Distances: 603 Km to Madrid
1110 Km to Barcelona
947 Km to Seville
964 Km to Valencia
618 Km to Lisbon


(+34) 881 091 209

A Coruña

It is said that A Coruña doesn't know any foreigners. The city gives each visitor a window close to the sea, a glass mirror and a variety of commercial, cultural and gastronomic offers in the light of a legendary lighthouse.

Arriving to the airport, only 12 kilometres from the centre, leaving to one side the Coliseum its big show arena, the traveller accesses to an elegant and welcoming city which is in continuous movement and is shaped as a peninsula. It’s exactly this geographic feature which defines its appearance. The port and the Obelisk open the way to the continuous glass galleries of the Paseo de A Marina which are one of the mirrors in which the city centre is reflected at any time of the day.

In parallel to the two most important commercial arteries, Calle Real, the pedestrian area and neuralgic centre and San Andrés, visitors and people from Coruña take the sea as a horizon to walk along the seafront promenade.

It boasts to be the longest of Europe and goes along the coast line of the city for more than 13 kilometres between the San Antón castle and O Portiño. Here, about 4 kilometres from the city centre the users of campervans count on a service area. Not far away an old military zone was transformed into the majestic viewpoint Monte de San Pedro a privileged vantage point which you access by a glass elevator. From there you can see the whole bay and its central beaches.

The great promenade is a place where the curiosity of the visitors meets the local daily life. We can walk, go jogging, enjoy the waves to go surfing, go on the cycle lane and rent bikes, tandems and trailers at different spots. On our way, new points of interest will come up like the Obelsico Millenium, which gathers in its showcases the main episodes of the history of the city, the Las Esclavas church or the Casa del Agua, an urban spa next to the Riazor stadium.

Already quite close to the Hercules Tower, the great symbol of the city, we will discover in first place the Domus or Casa del Hombre an interactive museum whose building recreates a huge sail opposite the inlet of Orzán. Then we arrive to the Aquarium Finisterrae, a scientific museum and an animal exposition of great interest to the smallest. Immediately, the great symbol of the provincial capital: The Hercules Tower, the most ancient active lighthouse of the world, a world heritage which counts on dramatised visits and a wide parking space in its surroundings.

The promenade also guides the visit to the other side of the bay and takes us to the Ciudad Vieja (the old part of the town) with memories of the medieval city: antique shops, typical taverns, a night life area and important religious monuments like Santa María del Campo, the Santiago church, the Bárbaras monastery and Santo Domingo.

In A Coruña there are still more museums waiting for us, among them the following need to be mentioned: Arte Sacro (Sacred Arts), Bellas Artes (Fine Arts), Planetario de la Casa das Ciencias (Planetary of the Science House) and the Museo de Ciencia y Tecnología (Muncyt, Museum of Science and Tecnology). You shouldn't miss either the Casa Museo de María Pita (Maria Pita Museum and the Emilia Pardo Bazán museum, current office of the Real Academia Galega (Galician Royal Academy).

To eat? Seafood, fish caldeirada (stew), Galician churrasco (grilled meat) and cocido (stew)

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