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Our vehicles require a Class B driver's licence, which includes vehicles up to 3500kg. Clients must also be 25 years old or over and must have held a driver's licence for at least 2 years to be able to rent one of our vehicles. All drivers must show ID, be named in the contract, and sign the contract when collecting the vehicle.

Between 1 and 3 drivers, depending on the type of insurance associated with your booking. BASIC INSURANCE covers one driver. EXTENDED INSURANCE covers two drivers. PREMIUM INSURANCE covers up to three drivers.

Campervans and motorhomes.

This depends on the type of vehicle, the season, the number of days, availability, and the number of vehicles rented. Contact us by telephone or email if you would like a personalised package.

Vehicle rental, handling costs, cleaning services, and tuning services are included. All our vehicles are completely insured and come with an excess of 900€, which can be reduced to 400€ or be eliminated entirely if you choose a more complete insurance package. Insurance without excess always requires a security deposit. The insurance is valid within the European Union, as well as in Switzerland and Norway.

Our vehicles come with fully comprehensive insurance which includes an excess of 900€ and assistance in the European Union, Switzerland, and Norway. This means any damages with a cost lower than the excess that are produced during the rental period (for which the lessee is responsible) will be deducted from this excess. It's possible to reduce the excess to 400€ or to eliminate it entirely if you choose a more complete insurance package.
To avoid any mishaps, we ask that you inspect the vehicle thoroughly before removing it from our facilities to let us know of any imperfections which we might have missed so that we can include them in the contract.

The features of each vehicle vary, however all vehicles include a complete set of kitchenware, including dishes and cutlery for the maximum amount of occupants that the vehicle can accommodate. They also include towels and a set of bed linens for all occupants, as well chemical products for the toilet and a cleaning kit for the kitchen sink.

Yes, subject to availability. Remember that the price may change depending on the season and the time when you request the changes to be made.

You can cancel your booking at any time. To do so, please send us an email with your details. If you cancel with 30 days' notice or more, your deposit will be completely reimbursed. If you cancel with 15 days' notice or more, we will reimburse you 50% of the deposit. We will only charge 100% of the deposit if you cancel in the 14 days prior to your reservation.
Trip cancellation insurance is available to clients.
In case of return on a date prior to that agreed in the contract, the amount paid will not be returned, since it is understood as a breach of the contract by the lessee. Except for cases in which one of our travel insurance has been contracted that contemplates early returns or cancellations.
If you need to change your reserved dates for any reason, please contact us so that we can find the best possible solution.

Vehicles can be picked and dropped off anytime during our business hours.

Returns can be made any day of the week at the predefined time in the reservation.

Our Headquarters in Santiago de Compostela are the pick-up and drop-off point for our vehicles.

Yes. The shuttle service operates from the train station and the airport in Santiago (SCQ), as well as from the airports A Coruña (LCG) and Vigo (VGO). Average travel times are 6 minutes in Santiago and 45 minutes from Vigo and Coruña.

Downtown, Train Station and Santiago de Compostela Airport - Rosalía de Castro (SCQ), as well as with the airports of A Coruña (LCG), Vigo (VGO) and Porto (OPO) - Portugal. Average travel times are 10 minutes in the case of Santiago de Compostela, 1 hour in the case of Vigo and A Coruña, and 2 hours 24 minutes from Porto, Portugal.

The shuttle service is also available for vehicle drop off from Monday to Sunday at the necessary time.

In Santiago the morning service costs 25 euros and the afternoon service costs 28 euros. In A Coruña and Vigo the morning service costs 120 euros and the afternoon service costs 150 euros. In the case of needing transfer to Porto, consult.

Deliveries and returns at our headquarters have no added cost.

30% of the total amount is paid upon booking. The remaining amount is paid in cash or by credit card upon pick up. To make sure the process is as smooth as possible, you must provide us with a credit card with available funds to cover the excess or the security deposit.

Rental periods of 7 days or more enjoy unlimited mileage. For rental periods of less than 7 days, a fee of 0.50€ per kilometre over 300km/day will apply.

Yes, it has been cleaned and completely disinfected.

The interior of vehicle should be cleaned, tied up and without any personal belongings prior to returning it.
A fee of € 60 will be charged when the vehicle arrives in extremely dirty conditions, which implies an extraordinary subsequent cleaning.

The fuel tank will be full on pick up and must be full when returned. If the vehicle is returned without a full tank, a fee of 20 € plus each pending liter at the market price.

All our campervans and motorhomes include a clean water tank for the shower, toilet, and sink, with used water stored in a greywater tank. Each vehicle includes 100/120L of clean water when you pick it up, with an empty greywater tank and without any toilet waste.

Toilet waste is stored in a chemical tank which is empty at pickup and contains a chemical tablet. All our vehicles come with enough spare tablets for 60 days.

The clean water tank should be filled and the greywater tank empty upon return. Otherwise, a fee of 100 € will be charged when the chemical toilet is not emptied and 49 € when the gray water is not emptied.

Compostela Campers offers the option of returning the vehicle without emptying the black and gray water tanks for an extra 39 € that will be charged along with the rental price. This plus is included in the Premium insurance.

Wastewater and greywater tanks must be emptied at campsites or other designated areas.

The fridge, cooker, and hot water run on gas or electricity. All our vehicles come with one fitted gas bottle and one spare. For rental periods longer than 30 days, vehicles come with 2 full gas bottles, as the average life of a gas bottle is around 20 days.

Prices that appear on our webpage are final and include IVA. For this reason, there are no further costs. The final price is always the cost of rental, which can vary according to season and your chosen extras. The only other costs to take into account are those mentioned in the rental conditions.

Yes. They are hotels on wheels with heating (which runs on the vehicle's diesel fuel or gas), air conditioning, kitchen with hot water and 2 burner stove, fridge (which may run on gas, electricity, or batteries), lighting (with separate battery) and hygiene facilities (shower, sink, and chemical toilet).

Yes, in Galicia. As long as it is not explicitly prohibited and if you only intend to park or stop the vehicle for a short time. If you intend to use the awning or tables or any other removable parts outside of the vehicle, you will be seen to be camping, which you can only do in designated areas.
All the driving routes suggested by us include parking areas, campsites and services for campers. To park in underground parking, we recommend a minimum height of 3 metres for LARGE CAMPERVANS, a minimum height of 2.20 metres for CAMPERVANS, and 2.10 metres for PREMIUM 7-SEATER VEHICLES.

Our vehicles vary between 5.50 m - 7.50 m long, 200 cm or 240 cm wide and up to 3.10 m high depending on the chosen vehicle.

Yes. When you hook it up at a campsite or a 220V network area the campervan or motorhome has the same functionality as any other place of residence. You can use any electric device that does not require more than 2500W.
In case of not being connected in a campsite or area to the 220 V network, our vehicles work at 12V in cigarette lighter and USB sockets.

These can be emptied at campsites and in designated service areas.

Yes, in our vehicles that have bicycle racks. To ensure the bike rack is ready on arrival, let us know that you require one at the time of booking.

Depending on the vehicle and its maximum passenger capacity, the tank will hold between 88 and 120 litres.

Although our vehicles are mostly new and are constantly being maintained, they may break down. If this happens, the insurance company will let you know where to find the closest mechanic so that the necessary repairs can be made.
If the problem cannot be resolved immediately, the insurance company provides accommodation at the nearest hotel, with a 48 hour limit within Spain and a 96 hour limit outside of Spain. If the repairs require more time, the insurance covers travel to the city of origin or the destination (as long as the journey to the destination is no longer than the journey back to the city of origin).
Our BASIC, EXTENDED or PREMIUM coverage does not contemplate the reimbursement of days lost due to breakdowns of this type.

You must let the insurance company know so that the tow truck can take the vehicle to the closest designated mechanic. If repairs exceed 150€ you must send the quote to Compostela Campers and let the mechanic know once the repair has been authorised
Compostela Campers will reimburse you for the cost of the repairs upon return of the vehicle. The insurance company will provide accommodation if required.

You must contact the insurance company immediately so that they can let you know what to do. If the accident prevents continuation of your journey, the contract will automatically be terminated, any amount already paid will not be reimbursed and you will not be compensated for remaining days left on your booking.

Each vehicle is approved to carry a certain number of passengers with seatbelts. Apart from avoiding the maximum weight indicated for the vehicle, passengers must comply with road rules, and are solely responsible for any failure to comply with these laws.

Yes, at Compostela Campers we are Petfriendly. You simply have to tell us your intention to travel with your pet. It has a cost of 25€/pet, maximum2 per reservation.

The excess or security deposit will be returned once Compostela Campers confirm that the campervan has been returned in good condition, following cleaning and checking the interior and exterior.

The minimum rental period is 3 days, except for group bookings or special events. In summer and the high season the minimum rental periods is 7 days.
For other types of bookings, such as weekend bookings during low season, contact us so that we can look at your individual case.

Driver's licence for all drivers, credit card of the lessee* (with sufficient funds to cover the escess/security deposit).

*The driver and the holder of the credit card associated with the deposit/security deposit will be the same person.


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