Terms and conditions

Compostela Campers will hand over the chosen vehicle in perfect condition and without mechanical, safety, or cleanliness issues, as per the rental agreement. Except for prior agreement, the lessee is will be the only authorised driver of the vehicle.

The client will use the hired vehicle as a camping vehicle only, with travel and overnight stays within the EU, Norway, and Switzerland permitted. LEAVING THE EU IS PROHIBITED. The use of the vehicle for any amoral, illegal or indecent behaviours is prohibited. Carrying more than the allowed number of passengers is prohibited, as is racing, taking part in competitions, transport of merchandise or objects, or any other service other than those agreed upon by both parties.

The client must comply with the limitation of kilometers of use of the vehicle, from its departure from the facilities of the lessor, according to the type of insurance contract arranged by the client, in such a way that in rentals of less than 7 days, 300 kilometers per day are available with the basic form of insurance contract. Each extra kilometer will be charged at 0.24€. If the insurance modality contracted is Extended or Premium, the kilometers will be unlimited regardless of the days of the reservation.

The rental contract will be for the period agreed upon by both parties. The rental period will begin upon signing of the contract and collection of the vehicle, and will conclude at the end of the agreed number of days, when the vehicle has been returned to the designated place and at the agreed upon time.

If the vehicle is returned before the end of the rental period, the amount of days during which the vehicle was used will be charged, as well as the amount paid upon booking.

The reservation will only be binding after express confirmation by Compostela Campers. To make it effective, the client must pay the percentage of the fixed price, according to the established rates and availability, as a deposit, which will be understood as the amount of the total price.

In the event of a booking cancellation, the amount paid as a deposit will be refunded when it occurs 30 days or more in advance of the chosen pick-up date. When it occurs 15 days or more before the collection date, 50% of the advance payment will be returned. In case of impossibility of carrying out the rental on the agreed date due to force majeure or fortuitous, the client may choose other dates, subject to vehicle availability, not being able to demand any compensation from Compostela Campers.

The rental price is fixed and is determined by the length of the rental period and considering the current price list.

The rental price includes FREE: fully comprehensive insurance with a 600 euros deposit, enough chemical liquid to cover the entire contracted period, bedding (sheets, duvet and cover, pillows), hand and shower towels for each occupant, complete kitchen utensils, dishwashing liquid, full diesel and water tank, charged batteries, propane gas, toilet paper

The total amount must be paid prior to, or upon pickup, in cash, by card, or by direct deposit, the latter of which requires proof of payment.

A security deposit of 600 euros will be deposited by card together with the payment. This deposit will be reimbursed once the vehicle has been returned and Compostela Campers have checked the conditions of the vehicles. If any damage has been incurred, this must be covered by the client, with the required amount being deducted from the security deposit. The client will cover any further charges if the cost to repair damages exceeds the value of the security deposit. If it is not possible to determine the extent of the damages immediately, Compostela Campers will have 30 days to settle the amount and return the difference or claim the difference if the amount exceeds the value of the security deposit. As per the insurance policy, the excess will be deducted from the security deposit.

If the type of insurance contracted is Extended, the deposit will be 300€ and in the case of Premium insurance, the deposit will be 0€.

The vehicle will be handed over to the client upon payment of the security deposit and the total amount owing, along with the required documents and accessories.

The client will lose their booking if they fail to pick up the vehicle at the agreed time on the agreed date, unless they notify Compostela Campers of their imminent arrival.If the client fail to pick up the vehicle at the agreed time, Compostela Campers can rent the vehicle to other clients.

The owner will not be responsible for any mechanical failures or malfunctions that result from normal wear and tear on the vehicle, or any costs, delays, or damages resulting, directly or indirectly, from mechanical failures or breakdowns.

The client must preserve, maintain, and return the vehicle in the same state of repair and cleanliness in which they received it, failing which a fee of 60 euros will be applied.

The vehicle must only be driven by the approved driver(s), who will be 25 years or older and must have held Class B driver's licence for at least 2 years, which has not been revoked or suspended. The driver must provide a copy of their licence on pickup. Upon doing so, the designated driver(s) will be approved, providing they comply with the specified age and licence requirements. The driver(s) agree/s to respect all traffic laws and regulations. The driver(s) also agree/s to stay on designated road networks and to not venture onto unsuitable terrain.

In order to conserve, protect, detect, prevent crimes and analyze the performance of the vehicle, the lessor will use electronic devices that allow the status and operation of the vehicle to be monitored and its movements to be followed. This information may be used during and after the end of each rental and the service, with the sole purpose of carrying out the execution, control and fulfillment of said service and the analysis of the performance of the vehicle. The collection and use of said information will be treated in accordance with the provisions of the Privacy Policy of Compostela Campers (Dioiva Iniciativas S.L.) By accepting these General Conditions, the user expressly declares that they have granted their explicit consent to the use of said electronic devices and the Privacy Policy of Compostela Campers (Dioiva Iniciativas S.L.)

The customer will be responsible for the current expenses derived from the use of the vehicle, and must return it with the same level of consumable supplies with which it was delivered. When it is returned with fuel shortage, a fee of 20 euros will be charged plus each pending liter at the market price. As a rule, Compostela Campers delivers full tanks.

The client must drive it with the utmost diligence and care, being liable for any deterioration resulting from faulty, negligent or reckless action. The client will indemnify Compostela Campers for any loss suffered in the leased goods, whatever the cause. The customer must regularly check the levels of engine oil and gearbox, coolant and others that correspond to the vehicle.

The client will return the vehicle in the same state in which it was received. Delays in return that are not due unavoidable circumstances, not attributable to Compostela Campers, or that have not been previously authorised, will be charged with a fee equal to double that of the daily hire rate. The client will also be liable for any other losses incurred by Compostela Campers due to the delayed return of the vehicle such as the amount owing to a third party that was not able to receive the reserved vehicle in time. As a general rule, a fee of 60 euros per hour of delay will be charged.

Once the vehicle has been returned, its overall condition will be inspected, including if the toilet tank and the wastewater tanks have been emptied, as well as if there are any damages due to improper use. Once the condition of the vehicle has been approved, the security deposit will be returned, with retention of any amount required to repair damages.

Partial or complete subletting of the vehicle is expressly prohibited, either with or without charge, as is the use of the vehicle by third parties.

Smoking in the vehicle is prohibited. Failure to comply will result in the client being liable for any damages as well the loss of the security deposit due to breach of contract.

Any type of modification of the technical or aesthetic features of the vehicle or its accessories is prohibited, except when authorised by Compostela Campers. Failure to comply will result in the client being liable for repairs to return the vehicle to its original state, including compensation for the period in which the vehicle cannot be used due to being under repair.

The possession and transport of animals inside the vehicle is prohibited unless expressly authorized by Compostela Campers. 25€ per pet and trip will be charged if authorized.

To request an extension of the rental period, the client must give at least 3 days' notice prior to the final date of the original rental period. The confirmation of the extension is subject to availability. If confirmed, the existing contract must be modified to include the extension.

All vehicles are covered by the conditions of their insurance policy, for the full value of the vehicle and third party damages, which is included in the vehicles' documentation, as well as the contact numbers for 24 hour roadside assistance.

In case of breakage of any element of the vehicle, breakdown or accident, the client must immediately notify Compostela Campers by calling 881 091 209 or 636 747 317, or sending a WhatsApp message so that the company can report to the Insurer. In case of small breakdowns, the client must anticipate the payment of the cost that will later be reimbursed. When the repair estimate exceeds 150€, Compostela Campers' approval will be required.

In the event of an accident, ALWAYS ask for a police statement, without which the insurance company will not be liable.

The client will be responsible for any sanctions, fines or taxes imposed by the authorities and any damage to the vehicle while the contract is in force.
In any case, a fee of 30 Euros is established to be paid by the client to Compostela Campers for the management of sanctions, fines or taxes imposed, if Compostela Campers has to carry out the procedures corresponding to said cases at the request of the competent authorities.
In the event that the vehicle is retained or seized, you must respond to Compostela Campers for the expenses and lost profits that such a situation causes, calculating this based on the daily rental rate of the retained vehicle. This amount will not be covered by the insurance company.

In the event of a breakdown or an accident, the contract remains valid, except when owing to the serious negligence or fault of Compostela Campers. Mechanical faults and accidents caused exclusively by the client will be the responsibility of the client.

The client must camp in designated areas and will be solely responsible for failure to comply with this rule.

Staying overnight includes parking correctly and the removal of any exterior elements such as chairs, tables, awnings, clothes etc.

Along with any activities set out by the Civil Code, the contract will be terminated upon failure to comply with any of the obligations defined in the contract.

It is understood that the client's details are correct. Providing false information with malicious intent will result in termination of the contract, taking into account any legal liability that this action may incur.

The vehicle is equipped with seatbelts and safety systems, use of which by the passengers is obligatory. Passengers must wear seatbelts while the car is moving and must not be lying down or in another part of the vehicle. Passengers are responsible for complying with all state and local traffic regulations.

The vehicle must be parked on a safe and flat surface (as the fridge will not function if on an incline). The wheels must be on the ground with the handbrake or reverse gear applied, ensuring the wheels are unable to move by supporting them against the kerb or something similar.

Regarding any conflict which may arise due to the interpretation, application, effects, or non-compliance with the rental contract, all parties will submit to the courts and tribunals in Santiago de Compostela, renouncing all other corresponding forums.

The client must ensure that that wastewater and chemical tanks are cleaned before returning the vehicle. A fee of 49 euros will be charged if the chemical toilet has not been emptied and a fee of 49 euros if the greywater tank has not been emptied. The tanks must be emptied BEFORE returning the vehicle.

The client is responsible for the disposal of greywater and the contents of the chemical toilet, which must take place in designated areas.

We inform you that your data will be transferred by legal obligation to the Ministry of the Interior of the Government of Spain, by virtue of Royal Decree 933/2021, of October 26, which establishes the obligations of documentary registration and information of natural persons or legal entities that carry out lodging and motor vehicle rental activities (Annex I, letter A, point 3).
In accordance with the provisions of the General Regulation (EU) 2016/679 on Data Protection and Organic Law 3/2018, of December 5, on the Protection of Personal Data and guarantee of digital rights, when you decide to rent a vehicle with us, we inform you that the data provided throughout the provision of the service will be incorporated into the Treatment Activities owned by DIOIVA INICIATIVAS, SL with CIF number B70417167 and registered office at Rúa da Comunidade Valenciana, nº 7, 15707 , Santiago de Compostela (A Coruña). The purpose of said treatment is to provide you with an optimal service as a client and to maintain the commercial relationship, if applicable. Specifically, you authorize us to use your personal data for our legitimate interests, including statistical analysis, credit monitoring and protection of our assets. This could include having to disclose your personal data to insurers and other organizations that assist in recovery proceedings and against fraudulent claims. You can exercise the rights of access, rectification, deletion, limitation, opposition and portability at any time, by writing, accompanied by a copy of an official document that identifies you addressed to the address indicated above, or to the email info@compostelacampers.com. You can consult additional and detailed information on Data Protection in our Privacy Policy on the website www.compostelacampers.com.


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